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Releasing Medical Records

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Never Ever sign a release of your medical records to anyone at all because it could really be a bad thing. You never want to give up to much more information, because you are in a battle with the other side and they will use anything they can against you in order to win the case. A good Orange County Car Accident Lawyer will always handle all the medical records for you and make sure that the get only what they absolutely need and nothing extra which is the same way to file a lawsuit or claim. I know of an Orange County car accident lawyer that will never release records until it is requested in writing by the actual insurance provider.

Statements to Insurance Company

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One of the things I can recommend is that you never want to give a recorded statement to any insurance company. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is over the phone, email or in person because it can used against you in court. I was meeting with my San Diego Car Accident Lawyer and he said a lot of his victims will give statements to their insurance providers. These insurance companies review these statements and could possibly have evidence that works against you and you might not get paid. So we always suggest that you do all communication through your San Diego car accident lawyer and then you will be protected without any worry.